The Housing Fare 2012 in Tampere is open for the public

The preparations for the Housing Fair 2012 have been successfully completed in Tampere,  and the Fair is now open for the public. The Housing Fair 2012 in Tampere was opened on the 13th of July by Minister Mr Jukka Gutsfsson,  Mr. Eero Heinäluoma, Speaker of the Finnish Parliament and Mr. Bruce Orec, the US Ambassador to Finland, also honoured with their presence the Housing Fair 2012 opening ceremonies and the celebratory luncheon hosted by Mr. Pasi Heiskanen, Managing Director of Housing Fair Finland Co-op. By the morning of the 20th of July 2012, a total of 32269 paying visitors had entered the Tampere Housing Fair, the number exceeding the corresponding Kokkola Housing Fair figures of 2011. The Housing Fair 2012 in Tampere will continue through Sunday, the 12th of August. More information at


Minister Mr Jukka Gustafsson preparing to open the Housing Fare. The Speaker of the Finnish Parliament Mr Eero Heinäluoma sitting.

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