Housing Fair in Kokkola 2011 is running

Housing Fair in Kokkola 2011 is running (www.asuntomessut.fi/en/housing-fairs). Arrangements have gone according to the plans. Minister of finance, Jutta Urpilainen, opened the Housing Fair in Kokkola 15th July. The opening reception and the lunch reception, hosted by the undersigned, were honored also by the speaker of the parliament Eero Heinäluoma and the minister of finance of Estonia Juhan Parts. By this morning, 24th  July 2011, after 9 days of housing fair, there has been 36.746 visitors. It is almost the same number as at the same time in Housing Fair in Vaasa 2008.


Minister of finance, Jutta Urpilainen entering the Housing Fare area. Author on her right side.

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