29 July 2010: US Ambassador Mr. Bruce Oreck visits the Kuopio Housing Fair

I was deeply impressed by Bruce Oreck’s level of knowledge on environmental issues and energy efficient building. According to Ambassador Oreck, with a categorical decision constructing has been restricted to zero energy buildings in Colorado, Oreck’s home state. Mr. Oreck encouraged the Housing Fair to adopt more ambitious goals than currently in the area of […]

26 July 2010: Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi visits the Kuopio Housing Fair

Today, our guest of honour was Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi. The Prime Minister has visited many earlier Housing Fairs and Holiday Housing Fairs, for instance at Valkeakoski in 2009. Ms. Kiviniemi seemed to enjoy herself and spent a full day at the Fair visiting the show houses and exhibitions. She was well informed of the […]

24 July 2010: Housing Fair Race

The afternoon was reserved for the Housing Fair 2010 Race arranged by the Rauhalahti roadrunners (http://www.rauhalahtiroadrunners.com). There was no question about it: I would definitely run the half marathon in the series for men over 40 years. Eventually it became clear to me that I was an amateur in a professional race… My time 1.33 […]

Project Minimum Home

In the academic year 2009-2010 I was involved in setting up a course in Housing Design for the Tampere University of Technology architecture students. The dynamic leader of the course was professor Markku Hedman. The students looked at housing from various extraordinary perspectives each approaching the design task from his or her own, well-defined ideology. […]

MADRID Solar Decathlon 2010 & The Silos

I had an opportunity to familiarize myself with the Solar Decathlon (http://www.sdeurope.org/?lang=en) academic competition on energy efficient experimental housing. The Finnish Aalto University participated in the competition with its experimental house called Luukku. The Aalto University placed fifth (http://www.aalto.fi/fi/current/news/view/2010-06-29-003/) , an excellent outcome for a first-time participant. Congratulations 🙂 ! In Mardrid I saw something […]