24 July 2010: Housing Fair Race

The afternoon was reserved for the Housing Fair 2010 Race arranged by the Rauhalahti roadrunners (http://www.rauhalahtiroadrunners.com).

There was no question about it: I would definitely run the half marathon in the series for men over 40 years. Eventually it became clear to me that I was an amateur in a professional race…

My time 1.33 entitled me to the eighth place (http://www.rauhalahtiroadrunners.com/amj/amj_2010_21.1.pdf). The services in the well-organised race were excellent. Many thanks to the organisers!


Photo taken at 6 kilometres. At this point I could still smile… Photo: Tomi Glad

Today the Housing Fair attracted 6,441 visitors taking the total number of guests for the nine first days up to 64.761!


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