Party chairman Jutta Urpilainen and the 50.000th Fair visitor

On the 25th of July 2010 I am the only representative of the Housing Fair management in Kuopio. That was a good reason to make an early check round through all the exhibits and show homes. Everything was in reasonably good condition. Our special guests today were MP Jutta Urpilainen, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party with Mikael Junger, the Party Secretary, Lasse Lehtinen and other prominent party leaders.


Social Democratic Party leaders visiting the Fair on 25 July 2010

Today I also have the pleasure of celebrating the 50.000th Housing Fair visitor soon to enter the gates. The celebrated guests were Marita Järvelä and Juha Rautio from Raahe. Both had visited the 1980 Housing Fair also arranged in Kuopio, so it was a pleasure to reward their loyalty.


Project Manager Mervi Heiskanen joined me in celebrating our 50.000th guest.

4.768 visitors today at the Housing Fair take the total number of guests up to 50.713!

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