14 August 2010: 150.000 Housing Fair entrance tickets sold

Jenni Kauhanen and Teemu Krutsin with their baby stepped through the Fair entrance gates on Saturday, the 14th of August, 2010. They received the fair catalogues with a summery surprise package as well as free entrance to the Fair with meals and drinks.Kauhanen and Krutsin live in Kuopio but had been travelling a lot during their holidays and were for that reason visiting the Fair at the last moment.
– We are in the process of trying to decide on either buying a home or having one built so we are here to take in ideas for both building and the interior, Teemu Krutsi said.


Pasi Heiskanen with Project Manager Mervi Heiskanen received the visitors.

Today 7.852 persons visited the Fair bringing the number of Fair visitors to a total of 152.768 on the second to last day!

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