5 August 2010: New record set at the Kuopio Housing Fair with over 100.000 visitors

On 5 August 2010, the huhdredthousandth visitor stepped through the main entrance gate. Sirja Aalto and Peter Timmermans with children Olivia and Felix were pleasantly surprised by the festive reception when they arrived on a sunny summer day from Loppi at the Housing Fair 2010. Pasi Heiskanen, Managing Director of the Finnish Housing Fair with Project Manager Mervi Heiskanen welcomed the family with a bouquet of flowers. In addition to the beautiful flowers the hundredthousanth Housing Fair 2010 visitor was celebrated with the official fair catalogue, free fair entrances with full meals.
– This is a wonderful surprise, signed Sirja Aalto thanking for her whole family.
The fair organizers expect that the 150.000 visitor limit will most certainly be achieved.


The 100.000th visitor with family celebrated by Mervi Heiskanen and Pasi Heiskanen.


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